Roasted Sea Bass with Fennel & Beets

Sea bass is high in calcium and a good source of vitamin B12.  It also rich in iron, which is needed to keep our bloods healthy.   This recipe takes a while to cook, so I would suggest more of a weekend meal, when you have more time to prepare.  Any type of beetroot will work but if you can find a candied or golden variety then it will be worth the hunt! 

You will need...

3 x baking trays
Sauté or Frying Pan
Saucepan with lid

2 x Sea Bass, descaled, gutted & heads removed
1 tbsp cumin seeds
1 fennel bulb, finely sliced
1 red onion, finely sliced
3 cloves of garlic, grated or bashed
1 candied Beetroot (or regular)
1 golden Beetroot (or regular)
1 courgette
2 tbsp raw honey
2 tbsp good quality balsamic vinegar
200g charlotte potatoes
1 bag of spinach
1-2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp rapeseed oil/olive oil
Handful of freshly snipped chives
Handful of mint, finely chopped
1 lemon
Freshly Milled Seasoning

To make...
Serves 2
  1. Preheat the oven to 180/160(fan)
  2. Dice the beetroot and courgette into small cubes about 2cm
  3. Place in the baking tray and mix in the oil, honey & balsamic, lightly season, cook in the oven for 45 minutes, remove from the oven and cover the baking tray with foil and bake for a further 25-30 minutes, remove from the oven and turn it up to 200/180(fan)
  4. Gently fry the fennel, onion & garlic in a sauté pan on a medium heat for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally 
  5. Stuff the sea bass with the fennel & onion mix, scatter over the cumin seeds and drizzle lightly with the oil, lightly season, wrap each fish in foil and place on a baking tray
  6. Bake the fish for 30-35 minutes or longer if the fish are large
  7. While the fish is cooking, boil the potatoes for 15-20 minutes or until tender
  8. Drain the potatoes, add the butter, season well and crush with a fork.  Don't over crush them, just lightly squash them, add the chives and mint, put the lid back on to keep warm
  9. Heat a little butter and oil in the sauté pan, cook the spinach until wilted, lightly season
  10. Once the fish is cooked, squeeze the lemon over both fish
  11. Serve with the wilted spinach, roasted beetroot & courgettes & crushed new potatoes

Nutritional Info
Per Serving
112 kcal | 2.2 fat | 0.2 saturates | 14g carbs | 13g sugars |  4.9g fibre | 4g protein | 0.3g salt


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